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Angler 220

Sportsmarine Angler 220

The Angler 220 is built in Miami, Florida by the renowned Angler Boat Corporation, one of the top names in US boat construction.

Design Features

The boat design, as the name suggest, is purpose built for angling and features a double skinned hull constructed 100% by hand lamination using woven matting with no wood in the construction to give maximum strength and a long life span. The fuel pipe and electric cables are also enclosed in separate pipes for security and for ease of maintenance

On deck the transom features a hinge up cover hiding the inboard Volvo D3 130 Diesel engine, the hinge cover having a cushioned seat across. Recessed corner seats at each side of the engine cover have lift hatch covers with stowage space beneath, and on the port stern corner there is drop in live well with a wash well on the starboard side.

The deck has stipple grip for added foot security when wet, plus a large insulated fish box flush mounted at each side.

The inner gunnels have recessed rod holders built in, with the gunnel tops carrying a single rod holder at each side, plus T cleats level with the rear cabin edge and at each stern corner for tying off.

Sportsmarine Angler 220

The console area has two cushioned swivel seats with the helm on the starboard side. The helm console has the instruments neatly laid out in front of you for instant viewing and offers a neat touch in that it hinges forwards to reveal all the electric cables and connections for easy maintenance. The stainless steel wheel is at a comfy height, with the throttle lever also at the perfect position for the vast majority of people.

The helm seat position gives easy viewing all around the boat both when at speed and when working in to tight marina spaces. There is also a foot rest for additional comfort when travelling.

Forward of the console is a really wide shelf area that can house as many electronics as you’ll ever need, and then some, plus above the helm seat on the canopy frame there is a secure locking box to take the VHF radio. There are some neat little touches too like the small port side recessed shelf area for cups and bits and pieces, plus a cup holder on the main console.

Access in to the main cabin area is through a dark tinted hinged door for maximum privacy. Inside there is a galley area with sink on the port side with stowage underneath. There are deep cushioned bunks at each side, with three additional under bunk stowage units. A toilet is also neatly fitted at the bow.

The internal finish of the cabin is with material fitted to the cabin roof, a skylight for light, additional small side windows to the cabin rear, plus a cabin light. Overall it’s one of the neatest layouts I’ve seen in a 22-foot boat.

The review boat was fitted with a super tough alloy frame designed to carry a flat top sun canopy, plus this will take a wrap around cover for additional protection. The rear of the frame also carries four rocket launcher type rod holders, these set high up to get additional rods not in use out of the way but totally secure when travelling.

Access to the bow is via steps up off the deck, each step having a courtesy light for night time working. The foot ways alongside the cabin are wide enough to give easy passage to the bow.

The bow is open and easy to work from when hauling anchor and fishing. There is an upholstered bench seat just forward of the bow, plus you have a fully around the bow bow rail at a good height for added safety.

A large bow locker is positioned just rear of the pulpit, the pulpit carrying a T cleat for tying off. The Navigation lights are set low each side of the pulpit, with the all round steaming light positioned on the canopy frame.


It was very calm on the test day, so wave jumping was out the question, but the throttle speed is progressive throughout the range with engine noise minimal. The boat also travels across the water with little noise or vibration and is very smooth.

Turning the boat at speed the stern digs in and grips well with the hull staying stable with little real lean to port or starboard keeping those on board secure at all times.
Cruising at speed no spray made it in to the console area. At speed, with two biggish lads walking around on deck, the boat remains stable at all times.

Backing the stern in to waves sees a small bulb of water created that refuses to climb higher than mid stern height, so little water is going to access the deck over the transom should you need to make this manoeuvre.

With the Volvo D3 130 engine as tested the boat achieves an easy cruising speed of around 24mph, and a top speed of 31mph burning around 5 gallons per hour. The aluminium fuel tank takes 100 gallons, so you’ve plenty of working range to take on the offshore banks and wrecks.

Things We’d Change

The Nav lights I’d prefer on the top of the canopy to give better identification at night and in poor light conditions. I feel having them at bow height is a slight disadvantage.

I’d also add 8-inch safety rails to the gunnels, especially if you intend to take small children out fishing. Currently the gunnel height is okay, but additional safety rails would give more security should anyone slip on deck.


One of the best 22ft boats I’ve been on!

She’s exceptionally well designed for comfort and easy fishing and finished to a very high standard. She’s easy to work with, responsive at the helm, plus has the speed to get you out to the fishing grounds with minimal time lost, plus is stable at anchor and on the drift with little windage to add drift speed.

The cabin layout is ideal for a fishing couple wanting to weekend live on the boat, but also has the room for four to eat inside with comfort. Equally the deck and bow areas are fully open with no clutter to get in the way when working and fishing.


Length Overall: 2ft
Beam: 8ft 6in
Approx Draft: 16ins
Approx Weight: 2,700lbs
Category: C (but should be B)

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