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  • Penn Slammer

    Penn Slammer III

    Tackle Talk looks at the Penn Slammer III, a tough reel that comes in a range of sizes for the lure, boat and shore angler. More

  • Penn Mag3

    Penn Mag3 515 and 525

    A proven reel over two decades, Tackle Talk takes a look at the latest incarnation of Penn’s Mag casting reels, the Penn Mag3. More

  • Penn Fathom 15

    Penn Fathom 15 LD2SP

    Tackle Talk delves into the Penn Fathom 15 Lever Drag, 2 speed reel, a tough, versatile reel that packs a big punch despite its small size. More

  • Inova Bait Binder

    Inova Bait Binder

    We review this handy accessory to store bait elastic and make it easy to dispense when wrapping baits, the Inova Bait Binder makes using elastic easy! More

  • Abu Garcia 6500i TSR



    Abu Garcia 6500i TSR

    Built on the back of decades of long-distance casting knowledge, the Abu Garcia 6500i TSR is at the very top of its game for long-range beach fishing. More

  • Penn Clash Fixed Spool

    Penn Clash Fixed Spool Reel

    Penn are known for producing quality reels, the Penn Clash is no exception, we take a look at a reel that is bound to become a lure anglers favourite. More

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    Tronixpro Naga MX

    Talk Sea Fishing reviews the powerhouse beachcaster from Tronixpro, the Tronixpro Naga MX, a powerful beachcaster for beach and rock fishing. More

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    Shakespeare Agility Tipster

    We are big fans of light tackle rods, Talk Sea Fishing investigates the Shakespeare Agility Tipster – an all-round light boat and shore fishing rod. More

  • The Abu Garcia 7500i with traditional brass side plates

    Abu Garcia 7500 Elite Reel

    We take the Abu Garcia 7500 Elite for a road test to see if this new incarnation of a classic Abu Garcia reel lives up to its enviable reputation. More

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    Grauvell Teklon Royal 802

    Talk Sea Fishing battle the gales and rain to put the Grauvell Teklon Royal 802 lure fishing rod through its paces at a bassy mark. More