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Cap Camarat 625

Cap Camarat 625

A centre console craft getting a lot of attention from anglers currently is the Jenneau Cap Camarat 625.

It features an overall hull length of 6.30-metres, a beam of 2.48-metres and the draft is just 0.33-metres. She is rated for engines up to 200hp, but the Suzuki 140hp is the more common engine choice with this craft.

The customer test boat was fitted with the 200hp option and gives startling performance. Shove the throttle forward and the hull sits up at the bow, hits full speed and instantly settles back to evenly skip across the surface at an impressive 48-knots, with a fuel consumption estimated at just over 4-gallons per hour at cruising speed.

With the smaller 140hp unit and with 5 adults and one child aboard the 625 achieves 36-knots flat out and drinks between 3 and 4 gallons hourly. Being a speed freak, I’d go for the big 200 every time, but you can see the 140hp performance is not that far behind and this combination would be ideal for everyday angling.

Easing off the power and making an initial tight turn, then applying full throttle in mid turn the stern grips the surface and powers the boat round with no sign of slide. The hull though, retains total stability with passengers feeling totally safe. Even walking about on deck the boat holds herself upright with little in the way of gunnel lean.

Steering a straight line at speed, no water came back on deck even powering against a fast tide and in to a stiff easterly wind.

The helm position is on the starboard side. The helm seat is a double bench type seat with a stainless steel frame and upholstered back. This can be positioned towards the wheel allowing you to brace your back against it which gives you a balanced and secure steering position to work from at any speed and in rough sea conditions.

This seat also features a hidden bait well and locker area, with a neat shower accessory for washing down.

Visibility from this position is obviously excellent, but you can still see pretty much everything in front of you when fully seated. Your instruments compass etc, are all directly in front of you for ease of viewing too. The wheel is a round stainless type. These are okay in summer, but damn cold in winter.

The centre console is framed in stainless tubing, which acts as a secure grab rail for passengers, plus there is grab rail in front of the passenger position on top of the inner console.

The console has a hatch giving access to a very spacious locker area big enough to take a chemical toilet, or heaps of fishing gear. This is secured with a hinged wooden slat door and fold down hatch cover.

Cap Camarat 625

There is an upholstered bench seat with underneath locker on the transom which takes the 136-litre fuel tank and battery. There is still heaps of deck space left for fishing though, plus the deck is self draining and stipple finished for grip.

The splash well is good and deep and takes minimal water when reversing in to the waves. On the port side corner you have a stainless dive ladder, with the Nav Light bayonet connector on the starboard side. Both stern corners carry stainless cleats for tying off.

The mid gunnels have wooden tops, these carrying one rod rest holder each side, and rod supports for stowing the rods lengthways along the inside of the gunnels. The gunnels are good and deep too, making your passengers safe should they inadvertently slip on the deck.

Seating is positioned fully around the bow, all upholstered, and with locker facilities at either side, plus an anchor locker up front. Again there are masses of space for angling up here, plus remember you have full bow to stern walk around capability with this craft, ideal for fighting big running fish like tope and sharks.

The bow also sports a stainless steel bow rail at either side for added safety, plus stainless steel bow roller and cleats.

With the family in mind there is a table that sits neatly between the bow seats, plus there is a spray hood available for increased passenger protection rear of the console.

She’s rated Category C taking up to 7 persons.

This is a serious angling craft that maximises the space available leaving uncluttered room for moving and working around the boat. It retains a large amount of storage space too, more than adequate for four anglers aboard for a day’s comfortable fishing.

The performance with the 200hp engine is electrifying and something I could really get used to. You can use this power to fully work big waves when coming home in grotty weather, plus lots of power can get you out of trouble if needed, also the engine is not over working.

The 625 is perfect for short range sessions fishing the fly, or plugging or trolling for bass, but the stability makes it suitable for working the mid range reefs and wrecks on the calmer days, and for tope and shark fishing within a few miles of the coast.

Summing up, its one of the best centre console craft we’ve tested so far. I couldn’t really find anything I’d choose to change.