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Grey Mullet 6lb 14oz

The Perplexing Mullet

Ireland's Copper Coast is famous throughout the world for its bass fishing, however little is known about its superb mullet fishing - Wayne Thomas and friend John Avery head to this famous coastline in search of big grey ghosts.

Where have the mackerel gone?

Where have all the mackerel gone?

With anglers in many parts of the UK struggling to find good, consistent catches of mackerel, Ian Nesbitt investigates why catches of this once prolific species have diminished in recent years.

James with a 3lb+ Irish Mullet

Travelling angler

Whilst fishing away from your own grounds can often be productive and expand your angling knowledge, occasionally they don't always go according to plan explains Wayne Thomas.

A hard fighting pollack for the author

Light Rod – Fun Fishing

South West contributor Wayne Thomas relives the joys of his first summer LRF fishing and discovers it is a great way to grab a few moments hassle free fishing whilst on holiday. I have been fishing for over forty years now and tend to view anything new with a mixture of interest and healthy...


Minehead Spring Ray Hunt

South West contributor Wayne Thomas ventures to the seaside resort of Minehead with Combe Martin Sea Angling Club in search of spring Rays.

Fun Fishing

Fun Fishing and First Casts

When Sea Ilfracombe approached Combe Martin Sea Angling Club to organize a fishing event to coincide with their Maritime Festival it seemed an opportunity too good to miss. A few months later on September 2nd Club secretary Nick Phillips and I (Chairman) found ourselves on a rainy Sunday morning...

Weymouth Fishing

Ammo’d up for Flatfish Fishing, Flamer style!

I walked along the busy harbour peering into the clear waters, as anglers have a tendency to do. Tucked away in a quieter corner an angler was flicking pieces of bread onto the water. A mullet angler for sure I thought and paused to ask if he had succeeded yet. He replied that he had been broken by...

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