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North Wales Back for round 2.

Andy 1965

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Oct 18, 2020
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North Wales
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After Tuesday’s unexpected success it would have been silly to go anywhere else on Thursday, so with altogether higher expectations, I set off for the same mark again. The winds were forecast lighter than earlier in the week, so I was hopeful of some easier fishing. I arrived to find that this time, the wind was actually offshore as predicted (y), however it wasn’t all good news, as I had been beaten to my favoured spot by 2 other anglers (n). It wasn’t as bad as it sounds though as I happened to know them, and just as I was clipping on my lure to start the session, one of the lads hooked what turned out to be a cracking bass getting on for 4 or 5lb 👏.

With my appetite well and truly whetted, I kicked off my quest with the same lure that had produced the goods for me 2 days before, the Lemon Meringue Swimmish, but just like on Tuesday, the session started off slowly. Over the next 90 minutes I tried several lures but the fish just weren’t interested in the Swimmish, Patch, Asturie or Komomo. I did see another fish though, when my companion landed a second nice bass of around the same size as his first 👌.

Soon after this my fellow anglers decided they’d had enough for one night, and I was able to move along the shore a little. The fishing was still slow but eventually, about 20 minutes before high water I had the first take of the evening. Annoyingly the fish missed the hook and the blank was still a distinct possibility. As high tide came and went, I missed several more hits and I was beginning to think it wasn’t my night, even worse, the light was now fading and my window of opportunity was closing rapidly 😢.

Eventually the light was almost gone and I only had time for a few more casts, when incredibly my lure was hit again and this time it was fish on. A short but nerve wracking scrap later and the blank was finally beaten, with a feisty 2lber 🥳.

With a massive sense of relief I had a few more casts, but the bass had now vanished and it was time for a move.

A short walk later, I arrived at my next spot and after swapping the Swimmish for a weighted Mishna, again in Lemon Meringue, I waded out to begin part 2 of my quest. In the 48 hours since my last visit, I had been planning how to take advantage of the bass’s preoccupation with sandeel, I only hoped now that the predators and prey were still there 🤞. I could see by the red light on my headlamp that the water clarity was still poor, but I didn’t dare switch on the white light to check for sandeel, in case I scared away any bass in the vicinity. I needn’t have worried though, as on my very first cast my Mishna was hit. Yet again the attacker missed the hook but that didn’t matter, as only 2 casts later I was connected to a very irritated silver thing. The fight was short but exciting and after a couple of minutes bass number 2 of the session was beaten 😊.

Just like on Tuesday, the rest of the evening was pretty hectic, and for every bite I connected with, I missed 3 or 4 more, but those fish I hooked ensured my tally kept rising steadily 😁.


After 3 fish on the cleaner ground, things went a bit quiet and as midnight approached I was thinking of calling it a night, typically though, bang on the stroke of twelve I was in again 😮.

For the next 30 minutes I kept telling myself that I really should be making a move for home, but the bass were well on the feed and I just couldn’t tear myself away 😂. The next fish was number 6 for the night,

Followed by number 7

But I couldn’t possibly finish on an odd number 🤣, so I stayed just a little bit longer. Bass number 8 for the night, and number 30 for the year soon followed

Though I knew I could keep catching indefinitely if I wanted too, the thought of getting up for work early in the morning lurked in the back of my mind, and so I reluctantly called it a night at just after 00:30.

So a week where I had to “make do” with a second choice mark due to the weather, had turned into a very productive couple of sessions, not only had I caught some fish but I had also learned a few things. Firstly, that a spot I previously considered to be a summer mark will produce earlier in the season, and secondly, that even the presence of algae in the water won’t put the bass off when there is a good source of food present 🤔.

Roll on next week now, and hopefully some more good fishing 😉.


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Oct 16, 2020
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Well done Andy, you are cleaning up on the bass at the moment (y)