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North Wales So how do you top that?

Andy 1965

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Oct 18, 2020
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North Wales
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So, the pressure was on for my second session of the week, but could I possibly repeat such a bumper catch? There was only one way to find out 😄. I was fortunate to get an early dart from home and with relatively light traffic, I arrived at at the mark in time for low water. There was more of a breeze blowing than on my first visit, but thankfully it was offshore and the water was still nice and calm. The clarity wasn’t great, but I knew that it would clear once the flood started to push, so I wasn’t overly concerned.

I started off with the Frosty in 500g and with the wind at my back, I was able to cast quite a distance and therefore cover a lot of water, so things felt promising. As it happened, I was right and after 10 minutes or so with the Frosty, I switched to the small Ruf Manic again, and just like on the previous session, it was hit within a matter of minutes 😳. From the fight I expected quite a decent fish, so I was surprised when I first saw the culprit. Admittedly, at only 36cm it was a bit on the small side but it was still quite a chunky little thing, and I was really pleased to beat the blank so quickly 😊.

After such a good start, I began to wonder if I could possibly better my previous haul, but that thought turned out to be a little premature 🙄. The fishing didn’t quite live up to it’s early promise, but it was steady enough and over the next hour or so, by switching lures regularly I was able to land another brace of bass of a similar size to the first (y).


The tide was pushing hard by now though and sadly I was forced to retreat back across the rough ground, but on the plus side, I soon found myself in the same area where I started my previous session, so I was still hopeful of some more sport 🤞. Remembering my last session, I started off with the same Ruf Manic which had produced the goods for me before, but the water wasn’t quite deep enough yet and after I felt the lure bump the rocks a couple of times, I decided on a plan B. Things were tough for the next hour and I barely saw any signs of life as I swapped my lures several times, but as the light started to fade, I finally saw some action.

I had been working the yellow Asturie 90 for about 10 minutes, when I paused the retrieve to check the time on my phone and this pause was obviously what the bass wanted, as my lure was hit with a big splash. Once more the fish fought surprisingly well for its size, but eventually bass number 4 of the night was landed, and at 36cm it was almost identical to the first three.

This fish signalled another flurry of activity and over the next 20 minutes I landed 2 more bass at opposite ends of the spectrum, the best of the night so far at 44cm

Followed by the smallest of the night at 31cm! 😂

Sadly, this action wasn’t to last very long and as the light faded, the fishing went quiet again. Eventually it got so dark that it was difficult to navigate the rough ground, so I decided on a move to the spot where I had caught after dark on my previous visit.

With high tide being later than the last time, the water wasn’t particularly deep yet and things were very quiet. I gave it a try though and I did get a couple of missed hits, which kept my interest going. I persevered and eventually I was rewarded with a solid hit which resulted on a hard fighting bass of 38cm to keep the numbers climbing nicely again 👌.

Just like earlier, the first fish signalled a busier spell and 2 more fish came in quick succession. They were also the best fish of the night at 47cm

And 45cm

This brought my total to 9 for the night and though it was getting late, I couldn’t possibly call it a quits with a second successive double figure bag within reach 🤣. I gave it another 20 minutes but the bass had obviously moved on and with the clock ticking towards 1am, I was forced to settle for what I had.

So I didn’t quite top the first session, but with a total bag of 23 bass over 2 nights, which takes my lure tally to 76 for the season, you could still say I’ve had a productive week 🥳.