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Guru Incredible Catapult

The Guru Incredible Catapult is the ideal accessory for sea anglers who want to bait up close to shore, we take a look at this cracking pult, ideal for the mullet angler and those anglers who like to bait up the surf line when fishing close in!

Not a common review item, catapults, for sea anglers, but many of you won’t realise that they are perfect when feeding groundbait items to mullet and garfish in harbours, estuaries and creeks, but they are also darn good from the beaches when adding small chunks of ragworm, lugworm, maddies or even maggots into the surf to draw golden grey mullet or flatfish in. A lot of sea match anglers also carry catapults in their boxes for the same purpose.

About the Guru Incredible Catapult

The frame appears to be a hard plastic that proves ultra rigid in use but also has a special non-twist design feature built in that aids both power and accuracy, and also longevity giving the Guru Incredible Catapult a long working life. There is no metal in its exterior construction either, so it’s corrosion free too.

Guru Incredible Catapult

The elastic used is extra strong and gives the Guru Incredible Catapult masses of power for long range feeding. You’ll be amazed just how much further bait items can be shot rather than just trying to arm throw them in. The plastic pouch is also robust, light in weight and big enough to carry pretty much any offering from corn for mullet, to fish and worm bits for flatfish in the surf.

A special feature is that the Guru Incredible Catapult sees the elastic sit inside super smooth Frame Runners reducing wear and tear on the elastic.It also features no less than four pegging points that allow you to adjust the tension on the elastic by shortening it to give you more or less power depending on the distance you need to feed at. This is simply done by pulling out the grip tabs and replacing them in the next required space setting. Repositioning the elastic is a 2-seconds job. Easy!

One other point we think is important is that the handle is in a bright pale green so there’s no chance you can inadvertently leave this product behind when you pack up.

Guru Incredible Catapult in use

The Guru Incredible Catapult frame design is exceptionally comfortable being ergonomically designed. The handle has raised grips on the left side adding to the overall stability when in use, especially in wet weather and when the hands are covered in bait juice and grease.

We tried the elastic on all the settings, but for the majority of work its ideal set on the tab immediately below the top where the elastic exits. This gives plenty of power for general fishing and a wide spread of bait bits to cover a large ground area.

Due to it’s heavy duty construction it has just a hint of weight about it, but this reflects how well its build and the likelihood of a long life.

You’ll also be pleased to note that both replacement elastic and the bait basket can be purchased separately for the Guru Incredible Catapult, so if they should ever wear out, you’re covered.

The Guru Incredible Pult retails for around £10 online and is also available from good tackle shops.

Vital Statistics

  • Ergonomically designed handle and frame for comfort
  • Frame with built in non-twist feature
  • Raised grips on the handle
  • Four elastic adjustment slots to vary power output
  • Super smooth frame runners
  • Large spacious bait basket
  • Bright green handle for easy visual location

Final Thoughts

A brilliant piece of tackle that will not only last a long time, but with spare parts available if needed.

It is exceptionally accurate with heavier single items, but also propels smaller items good distances with ease.

This is an essential piece of kit for those of us that fish alternative baits and methods for the more challenging species such as mullet, but also for the more experienced angler and competition anglers looking to use ground bait methods to exploit species that hug the tide line.

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