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Fishing Baits


Lugworm baits

Once of the most popular and readily available baits for the sea angler, WSF takes a look at lugworm including collection, storage and presentation of lugworm baits.

Saltwater groundbait

Saltwater ground baiting

Little used in saltwater fishing, groundbaiting can be a highly effective way of attracting more fish to your location and triggering a feeding response, WSF explains about how to groundbait in saltwater.


Fishing with sandeel

A popular, versatile fish bait used to catch numerous species both on shore and afloat, frozen or alive, WSF takes a look at the habitat, collection, storage and use of sandeels as bait.

Shrimp prawn baits

Fishing with shrimps

Shrimps are one of those baits that never seems to get much attention from many sea anglers, the reality is however that shrimps and prawns and an especially good bait for a wide variety of species.