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Lure Fishing

Bass Ireland

Mike’s top five bass lures

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy bass fishing, the fact is cheaper lures can catch fish just as well as the more expensive lures can in the right circumstances. Mike Thrussell takes a look his five favourite, reasonably priced bass lures.

Cobh bass fishing

Mike’s top six bass plugs

Plugs don’t have to be the latest and greatest twenty quid Japanese imports to be successful. Mike Thrussell takes a look at six of his best and most consistent bass fishing plugs that don’t cost the earth.

Plugging for bass

Plug fishing for bass

Plug fishing is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to catch bass in the UK, the natural movement and commotion caused by a spluttering plug stimulates the bass’ natural predatory instinct and drives them crazy! WSF takes a look at plug fishing for bass.