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Shore Fishing

Gilthead bream

Increase your shore species tally

There are a staggering amount of species available in UK waters, yet many anglers never seem to bother targeting them, sticking to the same old species they are comfortable with. Have you ever thought of broadening your horizons and fishing for something new and interesting? If so, we take a look at how you can increase your shore species tally.

Pier fishing tactics

Pier fishing tactics

A large proportion of sea anglers start their careers at the end of local pier. Yet, many never achieve the catches they should from these structures, simply because they fail to understand the basics of pier fishing. WSF takes a look at how to fish with pier fishing tactics.

Scratching tactics

Scratch fishing tactics

February and March are slow months for the shore sea angler, with sea temperatures at their lowest, a multitude of species offshore spawning and the lull before the summer species return bites are hard to come by. These months are therefore affectionately known as the “scratching months” – we take a look at some sure tactics to make the most of your fishing when bites are at a premium.