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Fish Spotting Lenses

Fish spotting lenses: how to pick the right one

If you are into sight fishing then the choice of lens colour in your sunglasses is fundamental to your angling successes. Here, Jim O'Donnell takes a look at all of the varieties of lens colour and explains their advantages in each given water/weather situation.

High speed reels

A look at high speed fishing reels

Des Westmore delves into the murky world of reel retrieves outlining the differences between low and hi-ratio fishing reels and what it means in an angling situation.

Wire boom tactics

Fishing with wire booms – when and where

Whilst plastic booms are in every anglers tackle box and on most shop shelves, wire booms have been left in the dark. Mike Thrussell explains when and where to use wire booms for maximum effectiveness.

Fluorocarbon line

Boat fishing leaders

Often dismissed as not needed for boat fishing, Mike Thrussell looks at the advantages of using monofilament leaders in boat fishing.

Fluorocarbon fishing lines

Understanding Fluorocarbon Lines

Sea anglers fail to understand the true facts on Fluorocarbon line. So many all too often dismiss it just on price alone, but also, and amazingly, without actually trying it, or even considering when and where it can and will give you a real advantage. WSF dispels some of the myths relating to...

Choosing the correct leader length

Choosing the right leader length

Leader length is often a confusing issue for newcomers to angling, WSF takes a look at how to decide what is the best leader length for each of your angling situations.


Long distance reel tuning

Everybody wants that little bit of extra distance on their casts, we look at how long distance reel tuning can add those extra yards onto your cast.


Choosing the right lead weights

Lead is a lead, right? Wrong! The wide range of lead shapes, be they for shore or boat, certainly gets confusing. If you're not sure which pattern to choose, then this feature will highlight most of the more common types and assess performance and versatility. BREAKAWAY RELEASE WIRE LEAD This was...


Understanding Fishing Booms

We take an in depth look at fishing booms looking at the different types and the situations you need to use each one and what species they will be good for.

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