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Inova Bait Binder

Inova Bait Binder

Martin McGowan, the brains behind the original ultra-popular Bait Weaver bait elastic dispenser, and based in the fishing heaven that is County Kerry in Ireland, has come up with an improved version under his new company INOVA, called the Inova Bait Binder.

First thing you’ll notice about the new generation Inova Bait Binder is that the body is now a bright orange for easy identification against any background in both daylight and darkness. Dead easy to locate with your headlight if dropped or misplaced. We also really like the new clear top to the Binder as well, which allows you an instant visual check to see how much elastic you have left on the cartridge, also to check which grade of elastic is loaded. A big plus point!

Inova Bait Binder

Also changed is the tension pressure around the top of the dispenser, which is now tighter as it dispenses the thread and allows one handed operation if need be.

Also new is the type of elastic available. It’s now easier to remove, and comes in both a light grade to suit fine baits, such as small worm and thin fish strips, a medium grade for in between baits, but then the heavier grade is ideal for bigger baits such as larger fish fillets, big crab baits, huge worm baits and the like. The cartridges are colour coded for ease of identification. The Bait Binder is supplied with all three spools too.

Also different is the lanyard supplied with the Bait Binder. This is now a heavier material less prone to allowing the Binder to blow about in the wind, plus its non-adjustable, deliberately, to avoid any issues with slippage. You can wear it round your neck for instant access, or hang it off your tripod, alternatively have it in your tackle box when boat fishing.

The new INOVA Bait Binder is the same price too, retailing for just £9.99, with elastic thread refills costing just £1.99 each.

What we think of the Inova Bait Binder

We’re big fans of the Bait Binder here at Sea Anglers Guide as it’s a simple, practical tool that we wouldn’t want to be without. Being securely enclosed inside the body of the Bait Binder, the elastic thread lasts much longer than if it was exposed to dirty bait covered hands and bait juices that otherwise quickly rot the thread. To add or replace a thread cartridge, simple twist the clear nose of the Binder’s body until it clicks free, place a new cartridge on the spindle inside the body, then drop the end of the thread through the dispenser hole, and click the nose back in place. You’re ready to go. A quick as a flash easy operation if you’re on the beach in snotty weather.

The improved controlled release of the thread from the dispenser means you now have greater control over the elastic thread allowing neater more delicate baits to be formed, and more fragile baits to be better secured.

The shape of the Bait Binder fits the hand neatly and comfortably, which we find an important factor in cold and wet weather, plus the body shape incorporates ridges moulded into the body to add grip when the hands are covered in slimy bait juices or fish slime.

Final Score & Summary

In Summary
This is a great product and we all use and highly recommend it! We have one in each of our shore and boat tackle boxes ready to go, along with spare cartridges. Fact!
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