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Long range wishbone rig

Long Range Wishbone

A wishbone rig uses a hook length off the rig body as normal, but this then ends in a swivel. A second length of line slides through the free eye of this swivel with a hook on each end. Stops or secondary small swivels are used to restrict the slidingmovement and to leave some hook length for the baits to fish close together, butseparately.

The baits close together give a high scent trail for feeding fish to follow, and a big fish will probably eat both baits. But the baits being small are also easily takenindividually by smaller fish. A compromise rig, but very effective in a tide run.

A reliable close range alternative to the wishbone is to use a short hook length as normal at the top of a rig, with a lower hook length carrying a wishbone system. Takes virtually all species.

Rig body length – 38 inches
Hook swivel position – 36 inches
Main hook length – 24 inches
Wishbone length – 20 inches
Bait clip – Bait shield
Bait stops – Yes

Long Range Wishbone Rig