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    South West Best of the year so far

    What a beauty, well done👏🏻👏🏻
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    South West Good session

    Glad your season has started. Mine has been a bit of struggle, fish turned up late at my reef and estuary marks, but, still aren’t there in numbers🤷‍♂️
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    South Wales Week in Pembrokeshire

    Many thanks to all those who helped in advance, much appreciated, as promised here is my holiday report. Sorry if it is too long and boring again🤦‍♂️ Saturday 1st June Arrived and went down to our local beach for evening low tide, covered the whole beach and found a 35cm schoolie at the far...
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    South West Good session

    Well done John, some lovely wrasse. How are you getting on with the bass on lures this year?
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    New Rod choices

    Weird isn't it, biggest mistake I ever made - 4 different occasions - was buying a Majorcraft rod! The Triplecross was the straw that broke me, never ceases to amaze me how some manufacturers suit some people and not others.
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    South West Schoolie bashing only

    Obviously don’t know what your grandson is like, but, my boys need to catch so they don’t get bored, so can thoroughly recommend lure fishing for mackerel, baited LRF, etc, just to get regular bites. All the best, it is great fun to watch and help in their development in this awesome hobby.
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    New Arrivals

    Look forward to hearing your review. I have four of the slightly older Tournaments and love three of them, the 15ft HTS just doesn’t suit me, but, the others are amazing!
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    South West Schoolie bashing only

    Bit of sun and warmth, meant that life should start flooding back into the inshore waters, so took my youngest out for an early BH start. Got to the mark and my heart sank, no bird life and no obvious signs. Still waded around the shallows to a rocky outcrop we like and there was definitely more...
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    South West One from a gulley

    Stunning fish, well done.
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    Informative article for the holiday angler

    I have not written this info or have any link to the company, but, wanted to share it as it is superb. https://riggedandready.net/blogs/the-best-travel-rod-in-the-world-probably/rock-fishing-bait-and-tactics-the-ultimate-guide If you want to have some successful and easy fishing when away then...
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    South Coast After a Devon plaice.

    Some lovely fish well done👏🏻👌🏻
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    South West Start of the bass lure season

    Having suffered a few blanks, awful floodwater and shocking winds, I was desperate to finally catch a bass on lures. The tide wasn't great, the viz was worse than I thought and there had been so sign of life when I visited the mark the previous week, but, the warm spring sunshine convinced me to...
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    South West Helford Passage

    The locals are very precious about their marks, plus landowners do not like people roaming. My advice is to check out the footpaths and look to exploit the access they give to the creeks, but, even then you will probably get some posh moron try and move you on. Boat or kayak opens up the whole...
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    Advice Zziplex GB3

    I seem to remember an article in Sea Angler that the heavy version was designed for some of the England casting team who were fishing for large red drum and huge rays in Texas. As had been stated, the light version was highly sort after at one time.
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    I'm so confused....

    For lure fishing the Savage Gear SGS6 for £99 is a bargain, good all round rod. In terms of beach fishing, fishing Borth and Tan y Bwlch is very different to the Bristol Channel, so difficult to recommend a rod that would suit both.
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    South Coast A little trip away ...

    Awesome report and pics, well done.
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    Got my hands on……

    All the best with your new rod, what have you replaced please? Rods are such personal things, it is always fascinating to hear first hand reviews. I see there is another reincarnation of the rod coming soon in conjunction with Marc Cowling. So many options, so little time and money🤪