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Addicted to Angling Book Review

Whilst angling has inspired many hundreds of literary gems it has to be acknowledged that classic books relating to sea angling are scarce. This seems strange as the sea and shoreline is surely as dramatic and inspiring as any freshwater location. There are numerous how to fish type books of course but books that exude the salty sea air and thrill of hooking hard fighting sea fish are rare.

When I first saw a preview of Mike Thrussell’s new book “Addicted to Angling – A lifetimes obsession with fish and fishing” I was cautiously optimistic that it would be a worthwhile read. I can now state that it is very much a read worthy of a place on any angling book collector’s shelf sitting beside those writers of the 1970’s who inspired the young Mike Thrussell.

In many ways I have cast a long a similar path to Mike and immersed myself in the writings of John Darling, Clive Gammon, Trevor Housby, and Hugh Stoker. The places Mike visits on his quest for specimen fish I can so easily relate to as the book is written in an easy to read style that illustrates a deep passion for sea angling and all that surrounds it.

Addicted to Angling

Meticulous attention to detailed record keeping ensures that the reader is assured of a warts and all summary of an angling life. Technical detail is used sparingly throughout ensuring that the reader focuses on the adventure and excitement of the chase. The prose also leaves the reader in no doubt as to the commitment that is required to regularly succeed embracing all weathers and all times of the day.

Modern trends towards species fishing are also covered giving an insight into the complexity’s of seeking such a wide range of fish and the thinking behind their location and capture.

The last few chapters relate to travels to a wide range of locations far away from the coastline of the Uk and Ireland. These adventures carry a degree of danger and excitement that emphasis how angling can take the eager participant on exciting journeys to far off lands.

To summarise Addicted to Angling is an inspiring read that conjures up vivid images of surging surf, hard fighting fish, dramatic seascapes and comradeship.

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