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hi all gowing to pevensey bay on 9 2024 april eny susgestions for catching rays would be much apr high tide is at12 20 pm. thanks. John .L
hi Martin I saw one of your posts from 2020 and noticed it said you had a drennan team england rod would you be willing to sell it
Regards jamie
You tried those profile GTs out yet?

Needing feedback to have another Profile evo or split to a GT.

BTW cut long story short. the butt metal ring came off in the tight [fecking very fecking tight] butt cap!----held in place by friction against layers of single sided masking tape---- got it out with allen key via drain hole.

ATB mo.
No I haven't used my Profile GT's yet, got New rods I bought before them first. So I cant give you any feedback mate.

Hi Mike, from the forum was updated I can not see a lot of threads especially the Banter section. I was hoping the update a few days ago might have sorted it out but it hasn't.
I'm not in any rush, so it you get a few minutes perhaps you might have a look for me. The funny picture thread helps keep me sane :oops:

Thanks for the work you have put into this forum👍