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About Talk Sea Fishing

Talk Sea Fishing is the new home for Sea Anglers Guide. We’ve moved all of our articles over to the new website, given them a quick lick of paint and introducing a forum to provide a more complete website.

Our long-term aim is to provide the most comprehensive guide to sea angling in the UK. Using our extensive content network to build long-form articles that describe the best techniques and tactics to get the most from your sea fishing. While many of our articles may look dated at the moment, over the course of 2020 we’ll be giving them all a complete overhaul. Our aim, to produce an encyclopaedic database for everything sea angling!

In addition to our How To Guides, we’ll be producing regular features from our travels across the UK, Ireland and beyond. Focusing on a blend of shore and boat fishing articles, written to encourage our readers to get out there and sample everything that’s great about sea angling!

Our Gear Guide will bring you reviews of new and past products, giving comprehensive information to help you buy your next bit of kit. Not only will we be reviewing products, we’ll also be giving sneak previews too. Product Showcases that give you the low down on up and coming kit.

Finally, our new forums provide the best place to post up your catch reports and ask advice on tackle, tactics and everything else sea angling. While Facebook is great for catching up with families, checking out what your mates are doing down the pub or what the guy next door is having for his Sunday roast, we think there is a better medium to post your reports! This is why we have NO Facebook Group presence and our forums concentrate on angling only. Giving you a great place to post your catch reports and chat.

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