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  • Where have the mackerel gone?

    Where have all the mackerel gone?

    With anglers in many parts of the UK struggling to find good, consistent catches of mackerel, Ian Nesbitt investigates why catches of this once prolific species have diminished in recent years. More

  • Frank Mundus

    The life of Capt. Frank Mundus

    Tony B Burch takes a look at the life of “Monster Man” Frank Mundus, his greatest captures and the techniques he used to capture some of the largest sharks ever taken on rod and line. More

  • Clive Gammon

    Of ghosts and greats

    The inspiration for Mike Thrussell to start his angling journey came from many sources, but angling writers have always been a key motivator for him to pick up a rod. In this brand new article to WSF, Mike takes a look at some of the angling greats that have inspired him over the years. More