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Fishing Baits

  • Razorfish baits

    Gets it's name because it looks like the old fashioned barbers cut throat razors. The common or pod razorfish is the larger of the two growing up...
  • Squid baits

    Confusion exists in telling octopus from the squids and cuttlefish. The squid and cuttlefish have five pairs of tentacles, four of equal length...
  • Shore crab baits

    COMMON AND LOCAL NAMES When a crab is about to shed it's old shell it is called a "Peeler" or "Shucker", "Softie" or "Jelly back" refers to crabs...
  • White Ragworm Baits

    LOCAL NAMES - Often referred to in all localities as "Snakes", "Snake whites" and "Pearls". IDENTIFICATION Usually attains a length of between 6...
  • King ragworm baits

    It's almost impossible to mistake the king rag for any other marine ragworm due to it's sheer size. Juveniles are a minimum 3", with the average...