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South East A proper wrestle!!


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Nov 7, 2020
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Herne Bay
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Hi all. So, I went out Saturday night in search of a hound or two and set off to a popular N.Kent low water mark.
It was busy when I got there but I could see from the car that my favourite spot was free so despite having back up plans, I went for plan A anyway.
I got set up and decided to fish two rods (which I don’t here usually) just because I was expecting a quiet night. The May rot locally has really put a downer on the fishing lately!!
Unsurprisingly, nothing happened on the ebb but it was a stunning night to be out. Eventually, after the tide turned, I got my first pull down of the night. Lifting in, it gave a good run and I knew it was a reasonable hound.
As it got closer though, it didn’t feel right, it was too heavy. The fish was going mental, splashing around in the water and I snagged up. Unsure how, I couldn’t free it so waded out to the fish.
By the time I got to it, I was up to the waist and trying to catch it and control it was no mean feat!!
I finally got it in a position that I could grab it behind the head and wedge its tail between my knees. I then realised, it had gone around my other line, was dragging that in and it was that which had become snagged!!
The only way to free it all, was to unhook the fish hold my rod and the hound in one hand and untangle it in the other!
Needless to say, this was really difficult, especially as the bait elastic had managed to get tangled in it all too!!
My hands and arms were getting tired but perseverance paid off and somehow, I managed to get free of the mess and wade back in complete with gear, rod and hound!!
A quick pic and a weight check, 9lbs on the nose, and she went back fighting fit.
I wasn’t so lucky with the snag on the other rod though. The line had been slack too long and it was caught on everything, I eventually lost all the gear on it and a fair bit of line.
I carried on until the tide would allow with another hound at 4lbs 9oz to show for my efforts before finally losing another rig having one cast too many!!
Not quite content to finish the evening, I took myself off to a high water mark and fished a few more hours. May rot was really causing the rods to bend round and trip in the tide, it was hard work but I managed one final hound of 4lbs 5oz before calling it a night.
Well done mate, they can make a mess can’t they!

I’ve done the same, decided on two rods then half hour later surveying the wreckage and wished I’d been sensible 🙄😂😂
I did go down to one rod after that debacle. I end up doing it at least once every year and regret it there!! Haha!!
On the hounds already Stormsy, nice one mate, some nice fish.. 🎣 🎣

Great report & photos Stormzy! Enjoyed reading that. You did well to get the Hound back to shore, but as Goatee said, stay safe! 🎣🎣👍👍
Cracking bit of sport there ST albeit with a bit of an adventure.

The Thames is fishing its socks off at the moment and not only the hounds but plenty of bass too.
Unfortunately the May rot is taking its toll from the shore at the moment. It was thick with it last night, like brown diarrhoea water!! Don’t think the fish like it, I didn’t have a bite!!!