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After The Lord Mayor’s Show ….


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Oct 17, 2020
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West Midlands
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I hate this.

Every year me, my son and two mates have a week in Shetland. Great Craic and sublime fishing. And then I get back to something like reality.

Now, I know I should be grateful that I have a caravan in Wales and not everyone is fortunate enough to have their own boat. But really? Going from bending 30-50lb class gear double every drop on 20lb+ cod and double shots of 7-9lb Haddock to flicking out 20g lures for Bass and Pollack takes some adjusting to.

So I went out yesterday, on my own, to try and get some mojo back.

I woke early ……. And went back to sleep! I never do that! I woke later than intended, walked the dog, had some coffee and breakfast and trudged off to the car. The tides for the day suggested I’d do well with a few hours on the Tope (at least they can bend 12-20lb class gear) and then move over low to another mark to pick up some Pollack and Bass.

I decided to sack the Tope. I’ve had thousands of them and I couldn’t be bothered to anchor up. I decided on plan B and headed into Bardsey Sound for last of the ebb. Now, you have to give the Sound some respect, but with 6mph winds and a neap tide both in the same direction, I figured I knew a nice spot to drift for some bigger Pollack.WRONG! As I rounded the headland and headed North I ran into a right chop! 8ft waves just a few metres about saw me bury the bow in a few of the troughs. That certainly got my attention! I finally woke up and snapped out of the PESD (Post Ecstatic Stress Disorder) and got to work. She’s a great boat (Robalo 222); way better than me. I just nudged her forward gently and we pushed our way through no bother. I even managed a wee over the side (no doubt induced by the swell) as we came towards to end of it. I found the eddy’s I was looking and dropped a slow jig over the side. 20 ft down I was in. Mackerel! The place was full of ‘em. Fun for a bit. Time to move on.

I headed off to the Pollack and Bass grounds. A little early, but hey-ho. I started on the pollack first. Sonar suggested the bottom 20 ft was full of them. So did my rod! Nothing big. Best was probably 3lb. I was in better spirits by now but I still couldn’t bring myself to photograph them. Besides, they tend to cr*p on my boat.

After an hour or so of playing with them, I decided to move one last time for the “main event”. I remembered in the months before I’d been to Shetland I used to enjoy this, flicking out 20g lures on light gear in a bit of tide often resulted in some cracking sport! And so I did. And it was!

I had to work a bit to find them but first Bass of the day was a schoolie of maybe a pound and a half (Couldn’t persuade myself to photo it). The next 4 or 5 we’re all like this


Not massive, but a bit of sport. All keepers, but I rarely keep any (got a freezer full of Cod and Haddock to get thru ;))

Best of the day came from the very same spot I’d had a 5lber a few months back, at exactly the same state of tide. I’d give it 3.5-4lb.


Again, not massive, but a reasonable mojo restorative.

I had a couple more, and headed for home. The sea was full of muppets on jet skis but I managed to avoid them all and berth my lovely boat like a pro.

Maybe life’s not so bad after all :)
Great fishing (wish i was there)

Heard today a Macko shark caught nearby. (edit, to me)
Great report ?
I get that feeling when I return from Norway.
Great report Wobbler - well done on the Bass. ????
Im glad Shetland was good to you ? Nice bit of bassing on your return but 8ft waves ? thats too lumpy for me! Where did you get that sticker from Wobs? Please can I see some more pics of your very lovely boat? I'd also like to know a lot more about your slow jigging please mate?