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South West Few hours in the sun

Live in hope

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Jan 16, 2021
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Managed to clear some free time after a load of mundane things like old dear breaking her hip and leg and all that that entails. So picked up some bait from west coast angling in watchet, cheers Steve your a legend and hit the beach for 9 with low just before 12. It was hit and the wind dropped right out and the water was fairly clear for the channel. IMG_5026.jpegIMG_5035.jpeg
One rod with fish baits for rays the other with crab or cocktails of crab/squid.
Things were quiet with nowt showing for the first couple of hours with baits untouched which was a bonus as it meant no doggies about at last. Just on low had my first knock and let it develop and in came this little fella IMG_5028.jpeg
Not the ray I was expecting and the first one from there for me for a while.
Not long after off went the ratchet on me crab rod and an angry hound between 5-5.5lb said hello. A little while later another smaller one which I didn’t take a pic of. Didn’t see anyone else bar a dingy sat just in casting range with a couple fishing.IMG_5030.jpegIMG_5033.jpeg
Wrapped in not long after was a nice little session just nice to get out and chill but also watch a pair of peregrine’s with a fledgling work the cliffs and calling.
Great report & some nice photos LIH - good one matey! 🎣🎣👍👍
Nice one hope tidy sesh that wot the f&&k are they doing in the channel in a bloody dingy 😳
Thanks they sat there for over an hour feet in the water before taking an age to go round Greenaleigh against the tide. Think I could have walked it faster with me gear.
Nice report mate, lovely pics too.. 🎣 🎣

Nice one! Decent bit of sand there at the moment, it looks like?
Was nice and easy for a change the only thing that nearly got me was a sodding gert line snag that I managed to land. But those 4 grip leads and about 90yards of line lost the battle of wills 😅