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When a plan comes together.


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Oct 9, 2020
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Freshwater IOW
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I had a short period of a couple of hours yesterday, 9am til 11am, to get out of the harbour and back in again as I had a busy afternoon I'd already committed to. Weather and wind was looking good but worsening Thursday so a must go trip.

My plan was to go to a favourite mark, catch four bream then come back.

Yeah right, cos that's how it works, innit.

Anyway, 15 mins out of Yarmouth Harbour and the anchor was on the bottom, minutes later joined by 4 squid strip baits on size 4 hooks.

Within a few minutes a very recognisable bream bait on one rod resulted in a fish flapping around in the bottom of the boat.
It was a keeper but if it had been the sixth fish of the day it would have gone back.
The old problem of first fish might be the only fish.

A vicious bite came next and a really nice bend in the rod proved to be a much bigger bream, number two.

A nice bite failed to develop so thinking that the second bait might produce something I let it fish a bit longer.
After a while I thought that I'd probably been fishing with bare hooks I decided to pull it up.
Dead weight on the end, interesting.
A nice little spotted ray around 3lbs, the first one I've ever caught.

Another nice bream joined in the fun and, as the time to pull the anchor up was approaching, so did number 4. There are some lovely big fish around this year for a fanatical, almost, bream angler like me.

10.45am and time to head home. Most of the way the sea was mirror smooth and the boat got up to 23mph according to Navionics fastest it's ever been.

I was back in the kitchen by 11.20 drinking tea.
I couldn't have predicted a plan coming together so well. Perfect, and a new species as well.

Monday and Tuesday next week looking promising so formulating my plans now.
Red mullet, cod and giltheads feature as does a skinny brunette with no knickers on begging me to take her out with me.

Great report and photo Ian - well done! Good luck for next week, with the fishing & the Skinny Brunette! 😁😁🎣🎣👍👍
My sister lives in Freshwater & is a skinny brunette so will tell her to watch out albeit she is 74 !

Good to see area still produces so near to the harbour. Is Bob Gaum still operating out of there ?