A step by step guide to building a rough ground bass rig.

1. On to the main line, slide on a Pulley Rig bead, then a 5mm black bead

2. To the end of the mainline tie on a size 6 swivel. To the end of the tied swivel add an 8-inch to 15-inch length of 20lb Fluoro carbon.

4. The best hook is a Mustad Viking 79515 size 4/0. Tie this to the short section of 20lb Fluoro carbon.

5. To the eye of the Pulley Rig Bead tie on an 18-inch length of weaker 18 to 25lb line depending on main line strength to take the weight. This needs to be a dark colour to match the seabed when fishing in daylight. You can use a small link to attach the weight, but most anglers save tackle and just tie the weight to the line as losses will be heavy when fishing in to rough ground, plus you’re casting minimal distance usually.