A step by step guide on how to build a surf bass rig.

1. Begin with about 30-inches of clear mono. To one end tie on a Gemini lead link.

2. Slide on a Breakaway Impact Shield followed by a 3mm bead and a rig crimp. Crimp the Shield in place 2-inches above the lead link.

3. Now slide on a rig crimp, a 3mm bead, a size 10 rolling swivel, another bead and a crimp. Leave these loose for now.

4. To the free end of the 60lb line tie on a size 4 rolling swivel.

5. To the hook trace swivel tie on 20-inches of 30lb Fluoro carbon line, alternatively clear mono. To the end slide on a 5mm bead and add a single size 2/0 Mustad Viking 79515 hook.

6. Position the Impact Shield just above the lead link and put the hook inside the clip of the lead link. Slide the hook trace swivel and crimp assembly up the rig body line until the hook trace comes just tight and crimp the trace swivel in place.

7. Above the 5mm bead tie on a stop knot from 14lb Powergum to act as a bait stop.