A step by step guide to building a shore ballan wrasse rig.

With tackle losses being high when wrasse fishing, a simple no nonsense rig with minimal components is the best choice. This rig is simple, cheap and effective!

1. To the main reel line or leader tie on a medium sized three-way swivel.

2. To the lower eye of the three-way swivel tie on 24-inches of line at least 5lbs lighter than your reel line. This sees the light line snap before the reel line if the weight gets snagged.

3. Tie the lead directly to this light line.

4. To the middle eye of the three-way swivel tie on 10-inches of 25lb/30lb Fluoro carbon. Fluoro carbon has better abrasion resistance against the teeth of the wrasse, plus is less obvious to fish feeding in gin clear shallow seas.

5. The best hook pattern is a Mustad Viking 79515. The hook needs to match the crab bait being used. Typically 1/0 for small baits and smaller wrasse up to 4/0’s for specimen wrasse and big crab baits.