A step by step guide to building an estuary bass rig.

1. On to your leader slide on a size 6 rolling swivel followed by a black size 5mm plastic bead.

2. To the end of the shock leader tie on another size 6 rolling swivel.

3. To the sliding swivel tie on 24-inches of 30lb to 40lb Fluorocarbon.

4. To the end of the Fluorocarbon tie on a Gemini Lead Link to take the weight.

5. To the end of the swivel tied to the shock leader, tie on 15-inches of 20/25lb Fluorocarbon or clear mono to form the hook length.

6. To the end of the hook length tie on a size 4/0 Mustad Viking 79515 hook, or similar Viking type pattern from Sakuma or Varivas.

This rig gives excellent rod tip and hand felt bite detection as the hook and main line are pull in the same direction, but also it maximises the power of the strike directly to the hook. That said, with the sliding swivel, a cautious bass can be allowed to pull line freely through the sliding swivel without fully feeling the lead weight. Fish as light as you sensibly can, and you will catch more bass as a result!