How to build an uptide smoothhound rig

A step by step guide on how to build an uptide smoothhound rig.

Boat Smoothhound Rig

1. Begin with about 24-inches of clear 60lb mono as the rig body line. Tie on a Gemini Lead Link at the base.

Boat Smoothhound Rig

2. Slide on a rig crimp, a rig bead, a rig swivel, another rig bead and another rig crimp. Position the swivel about 2-inches above the lead link and crimp it in place.

Boat Smoothhound Rig

3. Finish the main rig with a size 4 rolling rig swivel to connect to the end of the shock leader.

Boat Smoothhound Rig

4. The hook trace needs to be 30/40lbs mono or Fluoro carbon to combat the grinding teeth of the ‘hound. Fluoro carbon has more abrasion resistance than mono and is the better bet. Make it between 3-feet and 6-feet in length. Go short in a slow to medium tide run, but longer in a fast tide.

Boat Smoothhound Rig

5. The best hook pattern is a Mustad Viking 79515 between 2/0 and 4/0 depending on bait size. One hook is enough for smoothound as they have a big mouth and being a shoal or group fish tend to be greedy.

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