Step by step guide on how to build a boat bass flying collar rig.

This rig is not for casting so use a light shock leader twice the length of the rod of 20lb mono or better still Fluorocarbon, the latter being more resilient to abrasion when working in to hard structure such as wrecks.

1 - Slide on to the leader a 10-inch or longer hollow plastic tube boom. If you can find the clear booms rather than the black ones, these can make a difference to the catch rate in clear water.

2 - Then slide on a 5mm bead.

3 - To the end of the leader tie on a size 4 rolling swivel and then tie on 10-feet of 12 to 20lb Fluorocarbon. Mono is okay, but tends to tangle more than the Fluorocarbon harming presentation.

4 - Finish with a Kamasan B940 hook between size 1/0 and 4/0 depending on the average size of the launce sandeel used for bait.