A step by step guide to building a plaice drifting rig.

There are many varied rigs for plaice, but keeping it simple is the best approach. A simple sliding ledger rig often being the most effective.

1. On to the leader, slide on a Zip slider boom, followed by a 5mm bead.

2. To the end of the leader, tie on a size 4 rolling swivel.
3. To the other end of the swivel tie on 4 to 6-feet of 12 to 20lb Fluorocarbon.

4. Slide on 5 or 6 coloured beads. Good combinations are green and black, and yellow and red.

5. To finish tie on a size 1 Kamasan Aberdeen B940.

Although clear monofilament is ok to use as a hook trace, experienced plaice anglers prefer Fluorocarbon, not just because it is less easy for the fish to see, but more because it has a slightly stiffer nature than mono and is more resistant to abrasion when drifting over single and broken shell.