A step by step guide to building a shore stingray rig.

The best rig for stingray is a simple pulley rig.

1. Begin with 60-inches of 80lb mono.

2. At one end tie on a Gemini lead link clip.

3. Slide on a 5mm bead followed by a Pulley rig bead and another 5mm bead.

4. Leaving about 24-inches of the free end of the 80lb mono, tie in a double granny knot to form a stop for the bead and pulley rig bead to butt up to and slide on an 5mm bead.

5. To the free end of the 80lb mono tie on a single Mustad Viking 79515 4/0 hook or equivalent Sakuma pattern.

6. Above the hook, using 20lb Powergum, tie on a stop knot to act as a bait stop using a 5-turn Uni-knot.

The baits for stingray are not that big, nor is casting distance a real criteria, so the Gemini lead link clip is adequate. Nor is there any need for a Pennel hook rig using two hooks. Stingray are confident feeders and will take in smaller baits better.