Basically a cod rig, though it also takes bass, whiting, dabs, rays and most other bottom feeding species. These are most efficient when the hook trace swivel is mounted tight behind the lead. This means that when the fish takes the bait and turns back downtide, it is brought up hard against the weight which is pulled free. It's this coming tight against the lead that actually sets the hook, though it's worth retrieving line until you feel the fish and strike again to make sure.

Does not have to be used solely for uptide fishing. The same rig is an excellent downtide trace fished with hook lengths between 18" and 8' for any bottom feeders. It performs better than the over rated sliding ledger rig which is poor at delivering bite detection in any sort of tide run.

Rig Body Length - 30 inches
Hook Swivel position - 2 inches
Hook Trace Length - 3 to 6 inches
Hook Pattern - various